A new tunnel oven for vegetables

Not for the first time Alitech produces equipment to bake vegetables, however, this is the first project of such size for a leading manufacturer of frozen vegetables in Italy. The mesh-belt tunnel oven of 3750 mm width reaches the length of 32 meters. All baking chambers are made of special stainless steel to prevent it from corrosion. It is equipped with increased heating power in order to extract the extra water per hour from vegetables in comparison to dough. Other features are the enlarged and empowered drive to carry heavy product and the extra infrared burners at the oven outfeed. The hygiene is ensured by two stainless steel motorized brushes that continuously clean both sides of the mesh belt. In addition, there are 6 inspection doors that allow a better access inside the oven for its cleaning.

A special feature of the operating software is "Gap management" – a function useful in the situation when there is a lasting lack of product before the oven. Since the oven is equipped with automatic steam dampers, forced extraction blowers and a special sensor at the infeed, the gap is detected and managed by automatic regulation of burner output and operation of the heat exhaust dampers.