Tray storage units

Where necessary, Alitech can complement its lines with buffers installed in strategic points of the line to accumulate the trays (pans, tins, boards) in case of circuit interruptions ahead, to avoid collapse or stop of the production line. It works according to LIFO (Last In First Out) logic. These units can load or unload trays when necessary.

For storing purposes, larger storages are placed at the end of the line.

A flipping mechanism is used for the rotation of the tin sets before storage. The machine is composed of a pneumatic tin gripping system, mounted on an adjustable support. The drive with inverter-operated actuator allows to rotate the tin set by 180° around its transverse axis. This position is preferable for storing tins to avoid dust accumulation. One flipper is placed before the storage and rotates the tin set by + 180°, the other is located after the storage and turns the tins into its initial position by -180° rotation to place them again in the production line.

Buffer to accumulate trays in case of emergency in the circuit of a baking line - Alitech Srl

Trays storage to keep baking trays - Alitech Srl