Lamination line for classic italian pizza

 Cross lamination equipment for pizza bases by Alitech Srl

It is the most traditional technology for the production of the classic italian type pizza: thin crust with crisp edges, well fermented and proofed dough. After proofing the dough balls are laminated in one direction and then in a cross direction to reach both final thickness and roundness. The shaped pizza bases are baked in a high temperature oven during a short time.

A cross lamination section is represented by 4 calibration units with series of feeding and out-feeding conveyors. Each calibration unit consists of a couple of rollers, each with independent drive (adjustable by means of inverter) and with adjustable height, to calibrate the thickness of the laminated dough pieces. Before the calibration units there are flour dusters that apply a thin layer of flour onto the dough pieces, to prevent their sticking to the surface of the cylinders. The first two calibration units laminate the dough balls in one direction, the other two in the cross direction.

Dough balls laminated by Alitech forming equipment

Pizza bases formed by Alitec Srl lamination line

Cross lamination for perfect bases for italian pizza - made by Alitech